What Property Owners In St. Louis Need To Know About Termite Swarmers

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People know what mosquito season is, and even that there’s a flea and tick season, but did you know termites have their own season? You'd better be on your guard, because termite season is more than just an increase in workers’ activity.

For most pests, a season is the general time of year when members of a particular species become most active, usually as their home environments become warmer in spring and summer. For the termite, these rules somewhat apply, as termite season is typically observed in April and May. Termites do not go into hibernation during the winter; they are, in fact, active all year round. The reason for the noticeable increase in termite activity during this time goes beyond simple forces of nature. During these months, termite queens tend to significantly increase the population of her colony by reproducing, creating a time of higher need for materials to foster growing youths. These warmer months are also prime for termite swarmers, the soon-to-be queens of future colonies and their mates, to fly the nest and start their own.

The True Extent Of Termite Damage In America

Termites are perhaps the single most destructive insect in the world when it comes to property damage. Being colony workers like the industrious ant, worker termites are hardworking and good at what they do, able to devastate man-made structures to a point of no return if not addressed in time. Termite damage to houses in America cost homeowners billions of dollars every year, and this doesn’t even factor in the price of termite control. With around six hundred thousand homes infested each year, the threat of termites is not to be underestimated — and it all starts with swarmers.

How Do I Make My St. Louis Property Less Hospitable To Termite Swarmers?

So you know the dangers termites pose to the structural integrity of your property, but now you need to know how to avoid them. Better yet, you have the knowledge of Arenz Pest Management at your hands. Why not learn some simple steps you can take to make your home less enticing to pests in the future?

  • For those termite swarmers coming from the outside, it helps to trim back trees that graze the side of the house. These bits of foliage are likely to attract termites and hide the holes they use to access the home.
  • Watch for water build-up! While termites prefer drywood, water damage is sure to weaken wood enough to make them susceptible to insect interference.
  • If the gutters around your property don’t empty out into appropriate sources, you’re at risk of termite swarmers. Redirect gutters so as to avoid softening soil for subterranean termites. After all, humans aren’t the only creatures who need liquids to survive!

Termite swarmers can be a nightmare, but when you see them flying around your St. Louis property, it’s more than likely that your troubles have just begun. Don’t let termites fester — seek out the assistance of the professionals and call Arenz Pest Management Solutions right away!

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