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Despite what we may assume, pest problems aren’t unique to dirty properties. While pests like cockroaches may plague landfills and sewers, they can invade any home or business and track in nothing but nastiness with them. Learning how you can prevent an infestation and save your property from the dangers they cause is the smart thing for any St. Louis local.

The Signs Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are scavengers that are attracted to human properties for the food and shelter that they provide. Not only are they common invaders, but cockroaches are also health hazards. From diseases they help spread to the damage they can create, cockroaches cause some serious problems. The everyday messes that cockroaches cause aren’t fun, either, and they make up some of the clearest signs of cockroach activity on a property. Here are some of the tell-tale signs of cockroaches on your property:

  • Droppings: Cockroaches leave peppery feces everywhere, plus their staining urine.
  • Stains: Speaking of stains, cockroaches have oily bodies that track red stains onto the surfaces they drag their bodies across.
  • Odors: Their droppings and behaviors create disgusting odors that can spread throughout a home. This is especially the case when cockroaches nest inside walls or vents, which is typical.

Early Prevention Methods

The best way to avoid the nasty problems that cockroaches cause is to make sure you’re taking steps to reduce your risk of infestation at all times, not just when the signs are apparent. Here are some common methods that property owners can use to reduce factors that attract cockroaches:

  • Food storage: Cockroaches love it when we leave food out for them or forget to deep clean regularly. They can survive on crumbs and absolutely thrive on stored foods.
  • Trash storage: You also need to keep pests out of your trash, which provides more than enough food waste for pest populations.
  • Moisture control: Cockroaches are attracted to moist areas and anywhere that water builds up. Pipe maintenance and proper ventilation will reduce excess moisture.

Limiting Cockroach Access

The other half of the pest control equation is making sure that pests don’t have ways inside in the first place. While addressing the factors that attract them is a good first step, invasive pests will get inside if they have a way, even in the absence of obvious food sources. Here are key areas to fortify in order to keep pests out:

  • Crack sealing: Cockroaches can squeeze into tight spaces, meaning they can fit through even the slightest crack or hole. Check your exterior walls regularly and make fixes wherever necessary.
  • Windows & doors: Torn screens or gaps around a door frame can provide cockroaches with easy places to crawl inside. Repair torn screens and install door sweeps.
  • Ventilation: Not only will proper ventilation systems aid in reducing moisture buildup, but proper protection on your ventilation grates can also keep out pests that would nest inside of them. Inspect screens and grates for any faults or signs of tampering.

For Fast Control, Contact Arenz Pest Management

That’s a whole lot for everyday property owners to have to worry about to simply reduce your risk. While these everyday prevention methods are important, they don’t provide guarantees that pests will never invade. The only way to truly make sure that pests like cockroaches don’t grow on your property is through the help of professionals. At Arenz Pest Management, our expert staff can assist you in all you need to know about proper pest control. From initial inspections to solutions tailored to your property, we offer a wide range of effective options. Whether you need early prevention that keeps pest infestations from forming or if you need fast removal of existing problems, we can help.

For complete cockroach control, contact Arenz Pest Management today.

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