All The Problems Bed Bugs Bring To Your St. Louis Home

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Would you want to share your toaster with a total stranger? What about a lounge chair? A couch? What if it was your own bed?

Bed bugs are the elite masters of sharing a house with unsuspecting homeowners. Their small ¼ inch body frames and dark exoskeletons allow them to blend into any environment. Often called "parasitical hitchhikers," these creatures travel from place to place by latching on to people and their luggage. If you have recently been to an airport terminal, train station, bus terminal, or hotel, you have likely passed by at least one of these fiendish pests.

Bed bugs are bad pests to have in any space, but the problems they’ll make for your safe St. Louis home are far worse than what you could imagine. 

The Major Problems Of Bed Bug Infestations

The first things that come to mind when we think about bed bugs are vicious bites and uncomfortable, creepy appearances. However, the barks (er, problems) of a bed bug are far worse than their bites. They have not yet been confirmed to transmit disease, but these bugs leave a scar on your home that is difficult to mitigate.

We all know the first outcome of a bed bug infestation: the itch! Bed bugs suck blood from unassuming hosts while they sleep, leaving behind a darkly colored red welt. These appear in straight lines or zig-zag patterns all over the body. These welts itch quite a bit, and are often made worse by stretching, wearing tight clothing, or the application of hot water. 
Scratching at a bed bug bite for too long enough may cause the skin to rip and bleed. This can lead to a number of secondary infections, some of which may be quite serious. 
Consistent bed bug biting may cause sleeplessness and insomnia in victims, much of which can be severely debilitating to daily life. 
Should a bed bug infestation carry on for long enough, anemia may result in certain victims. This may require significant medical treatments or medications to treat.

Are bed bugs becoming more of a nightmare than you can handle? Call Arenz Pest Management Solutions for a bed bug inspection of your St. Louis home that puts your fears to rest today!

Let Arenz Pest Management Solutions Banish Your Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can create enormous problems in your home and property, but by far the worst issue that arises from their presence is the inability to eliminate them once established. Bed bugs possess hard exoskeletons, small bodies, and chemically resistant anatomies, making their prevention tough and their ultimate removal even tougher. Unless you have invested with a top quality, high-performance professional pest control agency, you may be leaving the safety of your home and family up to chance.  

That’s why it will be imperative to contact Arenz Pest Management Solutions at the first sign of bed bug problems in your St. Louis home. We have been hard at work serving homeowners just like you since 2000, providing solutions to common pest problems every single day. Our crew is inspired to do more than just the bare minimum, offering out-of-this-world treatments for prices that are within your budget. From the first inspection to our final treatment, you can be sure to trust us along every step of the way.

Trust yourself to make the right decision and protect your family with the team at Arenz Pest Management Solutions today. Service agents are available via phone, online contact form, or even a friendly in-person visit at your earliest convenience. Don’t let bed bugs continue to erode your peace of mind. Find the help, hope, and courage you need by contacting us today!

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