What To Do About Dangerous Spiders Around Your St. Louis Property

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If you find a large spider near your St. Louis home, your first reaction might be to jump, scream, and move out. However, rest assured, you don't need to go to extreme measures to get rid of dangerous arachnids. There are strategies you can use to keep spiders away. The first step is to understand which spiders pose a threat and which merely make you cringe.

What Spiders In St. Louis Are Dangerous?

There are only two spiders in North America that pose a medical danger to humans. Unfortunately, both of those spiders live in St. Louis - black widows and brown recluses. While female black widows are easy to spot by their red hourglass marking, brown recluses are harder to identify positively. Brown recluse spiders have a violin-shaped marking on their back but often get confused for wolf and huntsman spiders.

It's worth mentioning that all spiders have venom and fangs. However, the venom won't necessarily send you to the hospital. Most spider bites only result in minor pain and irritation, if anything. Additionally, spiders are usually reluctant to bite. If you do encounter a black widow or a brown recluse, you should be cautious. These spiders will bite you when they perceive a threat. Black widows are especially aggressive when they're protecting their egg sacs.

In the event of a bite, seek immediate medical attention. Brown recluse bites are usually less serious than black widow bites but still demand medical attention. You're likely to experience reddened skin, a blister, and moderate pain after a brown recluse bite.

A black widow bite is more likely to result in muscle cramps, nausea, and severe chest pain. Initially, the pain at the site of the bite might only be minimal. However, the neurotoxin can quickly work its way through your body. Even if you're not sure which spider bites you, make that call to the doctor.

What To Do About A Spider Infestation In Your St. Louis Home

Whether you find one spider on your property or multiple ones, you should consider calling a pest control professional for help. First and foremost, an expert can correctly identify the type of spider. It is easy for an untrained eye to confuse a black widow or a brown recluse for a less dangerous type of spider.

Once the professional identifies the type of arachnids in your property, they can help you determine why they're there. Most spiders prefer to live outdoors. They only venture indoors if food is abundant, and that means you have a pest problem. By calling in a professional, you can determine which insects are attracting the spiders to your home.

A professional knows how to remove and eliminate spiders from your home safely. On your own, there are too many risks. As you knock down a web, you could experience a bite. Or, while you spray an over-the-counter insect killer, you could become ill from misuse of the chemical.

Arenz Pest Management Will Help You Protect Your Property

If you don't want dangerous spiders on your St. Louis property, you should call a reputable pest control technician. Here at Arenz Pest Management, we can safely handle your spider infestation. Our technicians have the training and experience needed to find and remove spiders as well as the prey that brought them around in the first place.

When we come out to assess the situation, we inspect your property to determine what might be attracting spiders and their prey. Additionally, we use the most effective methods of pest prevention to protect your property. Our team puts you and your safety first. Reach out to us today to learn more about our recurring pest control options.

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